Trevor’s a top collaborative learning evangelist on Twitter!

trevor-Merriden 10 EightyWe were over the moon to discover that 10Eighty’s very own Head of Collaborative Learning, Trevor Merriden, was named ‘2nd most important influencer on social learning’ according to a report created by – ‘What were the 2016 L&D Twitter Trends?’ – which broke the main L&D categories into:

  • Virtual reality
  • Video
  • Collaborative/social learning
  • MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course)
  • Games/Gamification

It analysed L&D-related Twitter posts from 2016 and identified key topics people were actually talking about, with a view to predict the future direction of L&D over the coming years. Amongst all this analysis Our Trevor made the Top 5 in Collaborative/Social Learning with an impressive 236 tweets on social learning.

Trevor has long been a ‘Collaboration Advocate’ arguing that we need to “kick down silos” and “pop learning bubbles” to work better together. And he has been helping to make this happen for a range of organisations thanks to 10Eighty’s Leadership Cloud, a platform that supports collaboration and learning across organisations and:

  • allows leadership development to be highly customised, delivered to individuals, to groups, or the complete leadership population
  • cuts across hierarchies and taps into an organisation’s collective intelligence, creativity and innovation
  • facilitates dialogue within a leadership population, enabling CEOs to communicate and get feedback on their strategies
  • builds high-performance, a step-change in engagement and delivers a rapid ROI.

Click here to find out more about 10Eighty’s Leadership Cloud.

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