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CareerCENTRE Pathway

10Eighty’s CareerCENTRE™

Our CareerCENTRE™ enables you to invest in career management. Career management increases employee engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction and business profitability.

This comprehensive suite of career management tools helps individuals, managers and organisations to understand career values, motivators and skills and helps employees develop a career plan.

10Eighty career management tools

When you want to enhance employee engagement across your organisation, CareerCENTRE™ provides a rich mix of online tools to:

  • support individuals to manage their career
  • enable managers to support their team’s individual careers
  • allow organisations to effectively manage their employees’ careers; it increases engagement, thereby increasing productivity and profitability. It also enables you to identify organisational talents, succession plan and provides insights into workforce mobility.

Please watch our videos about CareerCENTRE™…

…and listen to our podcast
Linda Jackson, Co-founder and MD, talks to Stacey Reynolds, MD, Middle East, and former global HRD about the complexities of managing a global workforce.

Reports for individuals and managers

When 10Eighty work with individuals or with managers we produce personalised reports. Just follow these links for one of 3 sample reports:

The evidence for employee engagement

Two recent studies by Right Management Manpower Group showed 31% of employees had never had a career conversation with their line manager, and 75% of organisations did not provide career coaching.

This “Nailing the Evidence” slideshow outlines the evidence for employee engagement.

Your Organisation

CareerCENTRE Values Image - Benefits to your organisation

Benefits – to your organisation

Tracks career engagement across your organisation; understand primary drivers and motivators of key target groups; identify organisational talents; measure career progress; ensures talent pipeline is agile and career-engaged; and by increasing engagement, it increases productivity and profitability.

Your Managers

CareerCENTRE Talents Image - Benefits to your managers

Benefits – to your managers

Supports powerful, productive and focused career conversations with employees; gives a deeper understanding of their team’s motivators, drivers and talents; provides a full appreciation of untapped talent and potential within employees; an outcome of effective career conversations is employees work harder for you, stay with you longer and exceed expectations.

Your Employees

CareerCENTRE Agility Image - Benefits to your Employees

Benefits – to your employees

Delivers career plan and enables ownership of their career; provides tools to manage, track and take ownership of their career; gain a clear line of sight to opportunities within the organisation; career plans raise the likelihood that your employees will achieve career objectives and have a rewarding career.

The benefits of working with 10Eighty

  • We provide one to one and group workshop career coaching.
  • We can upskill your managers to have successful career conversations that drive engagement.
  • We can build in-house capability for career coaching and mentoring programmes.
  • We have worked with 75,000 individuals and over 500 organisations over the last 15 years.

We now have the CareerCENTRE™ in 3 languages – here is a sample of clients across 21 countries



NHS Direct

Coca Cola

BT Australia


City University London

EDF Energy

CNA Insurance

HCA International

PZ Cussons


CareerCENTRE™ Webinar

10Eighty careerCENTRE webinar
If you’d like a more in-depth look at CareerCENTRE™ watch or listen to a 20-minute webinar by 10Eighty CEO Michael Moran.

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If you’d like to sample one of our FREE CareerCENTRE™ tools, either email Sophina Rajah by email or complete this short form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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