Ramadan – Last 10 days

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So we are in the last 10 days. It feels as though this month has so far gone past in the blink of an eye. Now that we are in these last few days, what does this mean? For some, it is simply gearing up to return to the routine that has been put on hold. For others, it has meant having the time to dig out some deep rooted issues and deal with a back – log of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Since the month of Ramadan is seen as a time to spiritually detox, in these last 10 days the sense of deep spirituality is heightened. The desperation in prayers can be heard and felt. In a last attempt to engage oneself in a connection with God many will throw themselves fully into a submissive state and increase in prayer, reading, charity, voluntary acts of helps etc. laylatul qadrThis last section of time signifies what is known as the ‘night of power’ or ‘laylatul qadr’ which is recognised as being better than a thousand nights in worship, however, the day in which this falls is unknown. Reflection on the meaning of the Qur’an and how it applies to daily life is an ongoing process however explored deeper in this time. Which is why observant Muslims will maximise this last phase of the month leading up to Eid.

Having come this far in the month you stop and think as there is time to slow down and evaluate. You are able to gain clarity on what is still part of the plan and decide what adjustments are necessary to move forward. It can be an exhilarating excitement to start working on some of those goals as you start to visualise what the payoffs are. It can also be a fearful time as change is not easy. It is, however, a must for us all at some point. The most uncomfortable part is getting started. The growth is in the stretch, hence we must not lose sight of what we are working towards. Looking ahead it is essential that one must stay steadfast in their faith and confidence to bring their goals to fruition. This includes having a humble belief in the acceptance to their prayers and efforts made throughout the year and this month.

It takes guts and glory to work towards our goals and make our dreams become reality. It pays to have a pit stop every now and again to take stock of where we are, as it is very easy to get caught up in the ‘bubble’. Personally, I have taken this month as an opportunity to mentally and spiritually refuel, but it has also served as a reminder to do this more often. Becoming more self-aware from a behavioural perspective can lead to some small changes but with significant impact. Each of us as individuals have a very different journey, what sometimes seems within very easy reach becomes a path full of roadblocks and hurdles. Moments like this often force us to get creative in our thinking and approach to things. It may also mean simply stepping back and accepting a situation after doing everything possible within your control. The complexities of how our minds and belief systems work to shape how we do things, but we must learn to challenge this and not be afraid to shake things up a little when needed. Eid is around the corner and preparations will be underway soon to celebrate the festivities. With this in mind, let’s remind ourselves to always give thanks for the big and small things, our communities and in simply being here to appreciate each moment.

We hope you have enjoyed the Ramadan series, we look forward to connecting with you again on Eid.

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