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Liz Sebag-Montefiore-Founding-Director-10EightyToday’s author is Liz Sebag-Montefiore, 10Eighty’s Founding Director who has provided HR solutions to a wide range of industries since 2005, working with numerous firms to understand their needs and is a great believer in the power and intelligence of networking. 

Against a backdrop of near constant change, outplacement is a valuable part of a business’s people strategy, an ethical business takes care of employees.

Senior and director-level employees need carefully designed career transition programmes. At director level, the job search becomes more complex, and it’s important to have good information about available options with support and guidance to make the right decisions around potential roles.

From the employer perspective, outplacement provision goes beyond doing the right thing for an exiting director. Provision of good support reassures others that the organisation will do what they can to help them should further change be necessary.

Morale and motivation, throughout the team, are likely to be impacted by any redundancies but handled correctly, the effects can be mitigated – maintaining the employer brand. There is a significant value in protecting the company’s image and employer branding, which is crucially important when it comes to rehiring, particularly at senior levels.

The provision of an outplacement service also sends a strong message that the organisation treats former employees with dignity and respect and reassures remaining employees who may have worries about the future of the organisation.

Positive relationships

There is clear value in maintaining a positive relationship with someone you may wish to rehire at a later date. It is worth bearing in mind that that the employee who leaves is a potential future customer, they may become a decision maker for a desirable customer or client company. Alternatively, they are very like to go to a competitor or a supplier and what they say about the organisation that makes them redundant is tempered by the fair and respectful handling of their departure.

Negative comments spread quickly, and seriously affect the employment brand, impacting current staff and future recruitment activity. It is obvious that careful management and provision of good support for departing employees will pay dividends, particularly if outplacement leads to the swift acquisition of new role.

A director may have been in place for a number of years with no recent experience of the jobs market and it is particularly difficult to secure a new role when unemployed, and at senior levels, there are fewer roles available. Executive recruiters tend to assume that someone in a job is more attractive to their clients. Good people have transferable skills and marketable experience but looking for work is hard work so all the support that can be offered to director level leavers will be valuable.

Options and opportunities

Redundancy is not necessarily bad news, of course, it can give an executive time to explore the available options and work on what they really want to achieve, likely to be something they were unable to concentrate on when working full-time.

Outplacement helps the displaced executive approach the jobs market, offering advice on networking and presentation at interview. In addition at senior level, the outplacement package will include negotiating job offers which may well be complex, requiring due diligence in respect of incentives and bonus opportunities.

At 10Eighty we believe a high-touch, customised approach will help the client define, refine and achieve personal and professional objectives. We aim to help clients reflect on their career to date and personal brand with a view to securing a role that is fulfilling, challenging and opportunity-rich. Our programmes emphasise personal networking and direct approaches as these are likely to be more effective than using head-hunters. We believe that the higher you are on the corporate ladder, the more likely you are to secure your next role through a networking connection.

Senior level outplacement should focus on the personal attributes, competencies and qualities required of senior executives that will enable them to compete in a tough economic environment. At 10Eighty we help people think through the impact of change so that they may translate their hopes and dreams into realistic options.

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