MD Sophina on health, wealth and career management for Changeboard

Changeboard Health Wealth Career Management

We wanted to let you know that an article by 10Eighty’s MD Middle East Sophina Rajah was recently featured on the UAE Changeboard website. 

She recommends a clear understanding of your ‘career capital’ ie your skills, experience, potential and personal qualities,  to ensure your career management approach is truly effective. By combining career planning with personal development you can take control of your professional career.

To quote directly from the article:

Changeboard Health Wealth Career Management“Establishing the right balance between career and personal goals is the measure of an effective plan. The workplace is changing and positioning yourself for future opportunities can seem an overwhelming priority but aim to enjoy your work and take satisfaction from a career journey, that includes good life-work balance and attention to your personal wellbeing and priorities.”

Sophina goes on to consider how you can plan for success, get the work-life balance right and make compromises based on your career and personal objectives.

Read the article in full

If you would like to read Sophina’s article in full please click here or click on the image below.

Changeboard Health Wealth Career Management


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