Get motivated on Blue Monday 2018


The third Monday of January, this year the 15th of January, is now known as Blue Monday due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills.

There’s an obvious nod to the best-selling 12-inch single of all time of the same name, released by snythpop pioneers New Order in 1983.

We imagine their record label, Factory Records, weren’t too happy either to discover that the original die-cut sleeve (designed by Pete Saville to resemble a floppy disc) was losing them money. Eventually, there was a happy ending as ‘Blue Monday’ shifted over 1.1 million long-playing singles – a figure unlikely to be beaten even in these more vinyl-friendly times.

‘Blue Monday’ the day in January, was arrived at, allegedly, after a university professor developed a formula to calculate the most depressing day of the year:

[W + D – d]TQ


Where W = Weather, D = debt accumulated, d = ability to pay that debt, T = time since Christmas, Q = time since failing our new year’s resolutions, M = low motivational levels and Na = the feeling of a need to take action.

The calculation seems plausible, if a little crude, but in reality, it was dreamt up by the PR team at Sky Travel.

Wikipedia says the concept is little more than pseudoscience. However, 2014 saw Blue Monday invoked by legal firms and retailers of bottled water and alcoholic drinks. Other versions of the original story purport to analyse social media trends to ‘calculate’ the date.

I do like Mondays

Blue Monday, the mid-January Monday, has now passed into urban myth and occasionally crops up, sometimes taken seriously and sometimes debunked.

Team 10Eighty are an upbeat bunch and we always see the New Year as the best time of the year for a Career MoT. As January begins last year’s slate is wiped clean and on the horizon are 12 months of new possibilities and opportunities.

It may be dismal, damp and chilly at the moment so find all those reasons to be cheerful, and celebrate good times whatever you can:

  • Celebrate Martin Luther King Day, also on the 15th it’s a federal holiday in the USA, so why not take a day off in solidarity (if you don’t live in the US, obvs!)
  • Look forward to Winnie the Pooh Day on January the 18th, have a picnic (an indoor one if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) and celebrate A.A.Milne’s birthday
  • Take a detour on the way to the office and buy a bunch of sunflowers or some scarlet tulips for your desk or maybe brighten up a colleague’s day
  • Do a random act of kindness – compliment a stranger (in a non-creepy way) , pay for the person behind you in the queue’s coffeee, make someone smile, pick up some litter, or call a random person on your Contacts and surprise them Scott Mills style by saying: ‘I love you’!
  • Be good to yourself – every 20 minutes get up, stretch and spend two minutes moving around. Don’t eat ‘al desko’ have a sit-down lunch with a colleague you really vibe off and take a mini-digital detox, leave your phone behind too
  • Be good to others – thank the people you come into contact with every day such as , checkout staff, doormen, security staff or customer service folk. They may only be doing their jobs but they will surely appreciate some eye contact, a smiley ‘hello’ or a cheery ‘thank you’.
  • And if you’re a turophile (that’s the technical term for a cheese aficionado) why not take the day by the short and curlies by treating yourself to 200 grammes of the cheese created by Blur bass player’s Alex James known as ‘Blue Monday’? It’s “a rich pasteurised, sophisticated blue cows milk cheese” and just a fiver from the Cheese Society’s website.

Monday kicks off a whole new week. And if you didn’t quite keep up your New Year resolutions over the last 14 days, try again this week. Failing that Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog starts on Friday 16th February 2018 so you could take a resolution reboot next month.

Mind you, if you have kept your resolutions since Jan 1st enjoy some cheese or coffee today and pat yourself on the back.

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