Fuel50 wins at Employee Engagement Awards North America 2018

We’re very pleased to report that our New Zealand partners Fuel50 were named Vendor of the Year at the 2018 North American Employee Engagement Awards, held in Chicago last week.

The awards honour organisations that put workforce engagement at the heart of their business strategy –  and you may recall 10Eighty were shortlisted at the UK & European iteration of the awards earlier this year.

Fuel50 were judged on their bottom-line metrics, the measurable impact on careers and engagement of those who use Fuel50, the level of innovation we’re bringing to the world, our investment in discipline, and how they practice what they preach within their own team.

One of the Employee Engagement Award judges said: “This is the most unique offering I have seen thus far, and so necessary in the work world today directly impacting employee engagement!

The awards were part of an ’employee engagement-centric’ day with a theme of creating internal employee experiences mirroring your customer/client experience.

The conclusion everyone reached on the day was that the winners of the talent war will be companies that effectively take their values and mission from a poster board in the break room, embed strategies around inclusivity, belonging and bringing your best self to work and into the everyday lives of their employees.

Click here to read the press release

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