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Category: strengths

Making connections for performance management


The annual performance review is outmoded and not fit for the modern workplace. CEO Michael Moran discusses in the context of connected conversations…

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Eid Mubarak!


A month of deep reflection, contemplation and detoxification both of the stomach and the mind. Many will be sad to see the end of Ramadan, myself included, writes Sophina Rajah

Using strengths to make difficult conversations easier


We recently ran an event in Dubai that looked at using a strengths-based approach to make difficult conversations easier using the Strengthscope™ tool

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Building a culture people love


Take a look at the new video created by our partners Strengthscope® called ‘Building a culture people love’ and get a 4-minute insight into the strengths-based approach

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Dealing with common myths about strengths development


Are you applying a strengths-based approach to development? The strengths-based organisation selects on strengths and trains in skills and knowledge, it’s no management/HR fad!

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Strengthscope® certified by British Psychological Society


We’re delighted to announce that Strengthscope® has become the first strengths assessment to achieve Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society

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