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Category: learning

CEO Michael Moran on collaborative learning in HR Magazine


In the May 2018 edition of HR Magazine an article entitled “Put your heads together” about collaborative learning features commentary from our CEO Michael Moran. 

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Virtual Reality: the new employee engagement tool?


We’ve all heard about and probably used e-learning at work. But there’s a developing training industry that utilises Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Could this be the new path to employee engagement?

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Did you know it’s Mental Health Awareness Week & Learning At Work Week this week?


You may have noticed it is Learning at Work Week and Mental Health Awareness Week this week. There’s much we can all learn during the former about the latter. Read our blog post to find out more.

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Taking work seriously


Read our take on Matthew Taylor’s review of modern employment, commissioned by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, which calls on policymakers and employers to make all work ‘good work’

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Welcome to Ramadan!


Ramadan Kareem! This year 10Eighty invites you to take a daily dose of what Ramadan means to those observing the month. The series is broken up into 3 parts; the first 10 days, middle 10 days and the last 10 days.

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Learning while earning


At 10Eighty we think continuous learning should be a priority for everyone – learning while you earn is the most effective way to keep up with technological change and maintain creativity and innovation at work

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Trevor’s a top collaborative learning evangelist on Twitter!

10Eighty’s Head of Collaborative Learning, Trevor Merriden, has been named ‘2nd most important influencer on social learning’.

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