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Category: developing yourself

Join us for 3 engaging training courses in July


We’re hosting 3 training courses at the Four Points Sheraton in July: High Impact Presentation Skills, Effective Job Searching And Career Management and Conflict Management. We hope you can join us!

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Tea and Productivity

National-Tea-Day-2018 Tea Productivity

It’s National Tea Day in the UK on Saturday 21 April 2018 and at 10Eighty we think tea and productivity go hand-in-hand so grab your mug and nice digestive for dunking and enjoy the national drink, and appreciate the importance of the tea break

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Tips for Taking time off: make the most of a long weekend

The Easter weekend is the longest public holiday in the UK until Christmas, over 8 months away and we think you should make the most of all long weekends. Here are a few useful tips for taking time off

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Creativity and boredom

creativity and boredom

Next time you’re feeling bored at work, treat it as an opportunity, not a negative. Research tells us that a certain level of boredom may enhance the creative quality of our work

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Download our Women’s Careers White Paper: What Helps? What Hinders?

International Women's Day Women's Careers

On International Women’s Day 2018 we’re re-promoting Gill Amos’s research into what helps and what hinders women’s careers #PressForProgress

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Love your career this Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day today. The perfect day for assessing your career aspirations, getting more self-aware about your skills and ensuring you truly love your career.

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Get motivated on Blue Monday 2018


It’s the third Monday of January aka Blue Monday. A combo of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights & unpaid credit card bills. But get motivated at work with 10Eighty and read our Blue Monday blog!

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Resolving to do better


This year we’ve firmly resolved not to make any more useless New Year resolutions. Surveys reveal almost 1 in 3 respondents say their resolutions are usually broken by the end of January!

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A cat will find a way to win


Did you know the Real Dick Whittington never owned a cat? The cat isn’t supernatural but the real magic is provided by loyalty and faithfulness in our 3rd panto post of the festive season.

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Child’s play

childlike qualities

At 10Eighty we’re celebrating United Nations Universal Children’s Day (on 20th November) by looking at the positive benefits in the workplace of childlike qualities