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Case Studies

For an audio-visual whistlestop tour of 10Eighty’s services please watch these 4 short videos, listen to 2 audio tracks and download a couple of articles:

  • An article from Executive Grapevine  explains how DS Smith, a global provider of sustainable packaging operating in 36 countries implemented an Engaging Managers initiative.
  • Strengthscope® – a range of on-line assessment products that complements and builds on our strengths-based philosophy.
  • 10Eighty’s Fuel50  – career pathway software enabling employees to self-assess their values, motivators, talents and agility
  • 10Eighty’s Leadership Cloud – a collaborative learning tool combining social media, online learning and classroom learning
  • Our career management and outplacement project with NHS Direct.

DS Smith


In this download…

… a 2-page article from Executive Grapevine explains how the Engaging Managers’ project helped managers at all levels learn how to articulate the direction of the business, increase employee engagement and become role models for these corporate goals and was achieved by focusing on values.
The project was supported by 10Eighty’s Fuel50, which provided a powerful platform for DS Smith managers to understand values and more effectively apply them at work.

Click here to request a copy of this article.



In this download…

… a 2-page article from HR Grapevine‘s Guide to Learning & Technology (2016 edition) explains exactly how MBNA enhanced employee engagement across their organisation, and our contribution to this impressive statistic.

The article kicks off with a ‘best strengths-based leadership initiative’ award for Paul Corke, the Leadership Development Manager at MBNA (a Bank of America company) who 10Eighty had been working with through some difficult times and some much better times too – a bit like that famous novel, and nearly as dramatic as times!

Click here to request a copy of this article.


In this video…

…a team from Photobox, a digital photo printing company, discuss the impact of the strengths assessment tool, Strengthscope, on individual team members, team dynamics and leadership development, concluding with a Dragons’ Den-style workshop back at Photobox HQ.

10Eighty's Fuel50

In this video…

…Liz Sebag-Montefiore speaks to Simon Cain about 10Eighty’s Fuel50, an online diagnostic tool enabling employees to complete assessments on their values and what motivates them.

She asks Simon why he chose 10Eighty, why career management is important, why he selected 10Eighty’s Fuel5010Eighty’s Fuel50, the aspects of it that he likes and the benefits for individuals and organisations.

Leadership Cloud

In this video…

…Marc Whitmore, Head of Organisational Effectiveness for MBNA Bank of America discusses our Leadership Cloud with 10Eighty CEO, Michael Moran.

We use the Leadership Cloud to embed learning using Action Learning Sets, CSR Learning Projects and traditional classroom learning – it provides tailored learning to suit individual learning styles, reflecting their career path and the industry or organisation they work in.

NHS Direct

In this video…

…Graihagh Jackson chats to Simon Gosney, Head of Learning and Development at NHS Direct, about his working relationship with 10Eighty, blending career management with career transition in a radically changing environment.

To get a copy of our NHS Direct Case Study just click here.

“The support we provided had to be very current, practical and action-focused. We needed a high-quality programme, that would help us to reduce potential redundancy costs, and demonstrate a very strong commitment to our colleagues at a time of significant change. We calculate that the ROI exceeded £100,000.”
Simon Gosney, Former Head of L&D, NHS Direct

As Jo Welch commented: “I have come to see this crisis as a gift that can move me into a better future. I have gone from mess to order, from lost to found. Would I have reached this level of clarity without Colleague Support? I don’t think so. I can now take action and move towards making real a new way of making a living.”

In these podcasts…

Matt Perkins discusses his role of Support Advisor for NHS Direct, the training he received from 10Eighty to support his colleagues’ career needs and how this helped him to develop his own career path. (Podcast produced by Graihagh Jackson)…

…and Linda Jackson, Co-founder and MD, talks to Stacey Reynolds, MD, Middle East, and former global HRD about the complexities of managing a global workforce.