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About Us

The 10Eighty Middle East team is led by Sophina Rajah.

Sophina Rajah

Sophina Rajah – Managing Director Middle East

Managing Director Middle East Sophina’s wealth of international experience includes strategic and operational roles in the private and public sectors working for Blackberry Middle East, Kifaf General Trading (KGT), Virgin Media and the MOD in the UK.

She’s thrilled with the consulting, delivery and coaching work she does. Her work “digs deep and peels away layers” enabling clients to see new perspectives, discover new realities and start new journeys, giving her a privileged sneak peek into their unique worldview lens.

You could describe Sophina as a fanatical foodie who enjoys challenging herself with New World cuisines, sourcing a quinoa pizza recipe on Facebook or baking her hubbie’s favourite – banoffee pie.

Her reading obsession encompasses non-fiction, for insights into real life situations and for developing her role such as Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ and the fictional pleasures of Shirley Conran’s ‘Lace’ for utter escapism.

Tom Raferty

Tom Raferty – HR Consultant & Executive Coach

Tom, 10Eighty Dubai’s HR Consultant and Executive Coach has worked in HR longer than he cares to admit/remember and remains passionate about what people can do, how they can make a difference and how companies can invest in good practice.

His highly developed HR skills have seen him work for the likes of British Aerospace, the Royal Airforce and London Underground and taken him to China, where he was once held hostage for about 7 hours (long story), and most recently Dubai, where he works and resides.

One of Tom’s key skills is providing solutions for organisations that meet the needs of the employees and the business equally effectively, support managers to be the guardian of their people, and have a financial impact too.

You could describe Tom as a rugby diehard, supporter of Connacht and Ireland rugby teams and lifelong player (until recently). He loves New Zealand for the scenery, wine and sport, and plans to open a coffee shop for people with special educational needs (his stepson has Aspergers) and support companies to employ more disabled people when he returns to the UK (date tba).

Jackie Price

Jackie Price – Leadership Consultant

Leadership Consultant for 10Eighty Dubai, Jackie’s CV veers from talent/people management in corporate finance to boutique tour guide, onto leadership development, strategic and operational roles at senior levels for evolving and established businesses.

After gaining her Masters in Psychology in South Africa she worked for a global bank in Johannesburg then Morgan Stanley in London. An overdue ‘gap year’ led to a 2-month backpacking holiday in China that extended to a decade, working as a tour guide in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and far flung corners of Asia.

Wanderlust semi-cured, a senior role based in Vietnam and Sydney enabled Jackie to hone leadership and strategic perspectives, and manage a sales and marketing team. A role with business consultancy YFC (mostly in Singapore) helped leaders stretch their potential, while the latest stage of her multifarious career path is leadership development consultant in Dubai.

You could describe Jackie as a globe hopper with the driest sense of humour in the southern hemisphere, Mum of one in the business of growing and developing nascent potential, lover of nature, local culture and new environments who still adores travel, but now favours weekend breaks over backpacking odysseys!